15 reasons to go dove hunting

The early dove season in Arizona opens on Sept. 1, and hunters are now allowed 15, that's right, fifteen mourning doves per day! The limit on white-winged doves is still 10 birds. This new increase also affects the possession limit of three days' worth of 45 birds, of which no more than 30 may be white-winged doves. Get ready for dove hunting like the good ol' days!

So with that change, here are 15 reasons to go dove hunting – which is about 14 more than the die-hard dove hunter needs.

September 1 is opening day, this year it falls on Labor Day
There are two full weekends in September to go dove hunting
Three daily bag limits is the new possession limit of 45 birds
Four native species of dove in AZ: mourning, white-winged, Inca and ground dove
Five shots is the national average of shots needed to harvest one dove
Sept. 6-7 is the famous Robbins Butte Wildlife Area Youth-only dove hunt
Sept. 6-7 is the famous Robbins Butte Wildlife Area Youth-only dove hunt (we intentionally repeated that – it’s one of the premier youth dove hunts in the state)
The last eight years Game and Fish has been improving dove rules and regulations; see a list at http://www.azgfd.gov/dove
Nine-year-olds and under can hunt without a license when accompanied by a licensed adult
Ten white-winged doves are allowed in your daily bag limit
Eleventh-hour procrastinators can get all their dove license needs online; see http://www.azgfd.gov/dove
12-gauge shotguns are the most commonly used for hunting dove
Sept. 13 is the last Saturday of the early season
Sept. 14 is the last Sunday of the early season
Fifteen is the new bag limit for dove for the 2014-15 season

Arizona Game and Fish has been continually making improvements to the rules and regulations for dove hunting to make it easier for beginners to get started and more enticing to those veteran hunters who might miss the good ol’ days.

Also, a new simplified license structure was implemented in January, with a great new price of only $5 for youth hunters ages 10-17. There’s also an affordable one-day short-term combo license for both resident and nonresidents looking to try out the fun.

As you can see, there’s a bunch of great reasons to go dove hunting, not to mention it’s a great social and family event that all can enjoy. Did we mention that dove meat is a rich, dark red meat that when grilled hot and fast to a medium-rare is delicious?

So load up on shotgun shells, pick up your hunting license and migratory bird stamp, and go out and make some memories.

For everything about dove hunting, visit http://www.azgfd.gov/dove.   back...
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