Members of the Phoenix City Council Neighborhoods, Planning and Development, Housing & Homeless Subcommittee voted today to recommend City Council approval to transition all city-controlled multifamily properties to participate in the citys Phoenix Recycles program. This decision was made after careful review of the successful one-year pilot program at the city-owned Park Lee Apartments, 1600 W. Highland Ave., and Sunnyslope Manor, 205 E. Ruth Ave.

One year ago, the citys Public Works and Housing departments worked together to kick off a pilot recycling program at Park Lee and Sunnyslope Manor. Through education, the residents became aware of the new service and one year later are achieving nearly a 15 percent diversion rate, which means that 15 percent of solid waste is not ending up in landfills and is being recycled. The higher the diversion rate, the more cost savings for residents and the city.

Congratulations are in order for staff, management and especially the residents of Park Lee and Sunnyslope Manor, said subcommittee member Councilman Tom Simplot. With an organized, educational effort, communities embrace recycling and want to participate.

"The Park Lee and Sunnyslope Manor pilot program proved that residents in multi-family communities are eager to participate in the city's recycling efforts," said Councilman Daniel T. Valenzuela, subcommittee chairman. "Phoenix has been a leader in recycling for more than 20 years and this is the next big step to ensure we continue to lead the way."

Last month, two additional city properties were added to the program: Summit Apartments, 12830 N. Paradise Village Parkway West and Aeroterra Senior Village, the first phase of Frank Luke Addition HOPE VI, 675 N. 16th St. The other city-controlled properties will begin the transition during the first quarter of this year.

For more information, on the Phoenix Recycles program, visit or call 602-262-7251.   back...
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