PHOENIX, AZ - Recent reports in the New York Times and other media outlets are blatantly misrepresenting the current wave of state-led legislative efforts to opt out of federally-mandated health care programs. In particular, allegations that these initiatives are being directed by health industry lobbying groups and corporate interests are demonstrably false.

To say this is industry-funded or driven by industry insiders is laughable, commented Dr. Eric Novack, originator of the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act. Blue Cross, to name just one example, openly opposed our referendum effort in Arizona this past legislative session and health Insurance companies with government contracts outspent us 5 to 1 during the 2008 campaign, he added.

The Arizona Health Care Freedom Act, and the efforts it has inspired in twenty-four states across the country, has nothing to do with appeasing industry, but rather constraining it. If approved by Arizona voters in 2010, the Act will preserve patients right to spend their own money on any lawful medical service of their choice, and their right to choose not to participate in any health program without penalty.

The health care reform package that has emerged from Congress is every insurance companys dream a law that requires every citizen to buy its product under threat of a penalty or fine, remarked Dr. Novack. Our initiative and others like it are specifically directed at curbing this unprecedented intrusion of the government into our personal lives,  he added.

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