By U.S. Senator Jon Kyl

Everyone is still shaken by the horrible violence in Tucson on Saturday that took six lives and injured 14 others. My wife Caryll and I extend our most heartfelt condolences to the families of everyone affected.

Those who lost their lives include Judge John Roll, who presided over the federal district court in Arizona. He was an exceptional judge and a good friend.

Christina-Taylor Green was only 9, but she had already touched many lives. She had an interest in public service and was recently elected to her schools student council.

Dorothy Morris attended Representative Giffordss event with her husband, George. They were high school sweethearts, married for 55 years. George, wounded on Saturday, remains in serious condition.

Phyllis Schneck and her late husband spent winters in Tucson and returned to their native New Jersey each summer. She volunteered at her church and was known for her cooking.

Dorwan Stoddard and his wife, Mavy, were also high school sweethearts who reacquainted and married later in life. As the shooting began Saturday, Dorwan dove to the ground to cover his wife, who was hit in the leg three times. Thankfully, she is expected to recover.

Gabriel Zimmerman served as Representative Giffordss director of community outreach. My staff loved Gabe and enjoyed working with him to help Arizonans. He was engaged to be married next year.

We continue to pray for the full recovery of Representative Giffords and the others who remain in critical condition. Congresswoman Giffords is also a good friend, and I find it especially saddening that such a heinous crime would occur while she was fulfilling her congressional responsibilities.

We are grateful and proud of the brave citizens and emergency workers who provided life-saving aid and comfort to the injured in the crucial moments following the attack and the incredible team of surgeons and other personnel at University Medical Center who cared for them thereafter.

May God bless all of those affected and our great state and nation.

Sen. Jon Kyl is the Senate Republican Whip and serves on the Senate Finance and Judiciary committees. Visit his website at or his YouTube channel at   back...
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