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Even though each night is two minutes longer, the nighttime temperatures still remain in the upper 80s, so our larger desert impoundments are experiencing a slow cool down this season so far.

However, in the high country the nights are into the 50s or cooler, so the transition to fall conditions will be more pronounced and the fish should be getting increasingly active.

This is really a transition time of year from summer to autumn conditions. As the water cools, the different predatory fish species get more active in part to improve their body condition before winter conditions arrive.

What we can expect to see is high country trout fishing start getting better -- trout should be moving into the shallows and getting more active any time.

The same is true of the desert impoundments. When our nighttime temperatures drop into the 70s and below, the lake cooling effect will accelerate and the fish should get correspondingly more aggressive in their feeding patterns. So, watch those nighttime temperatures for an indication of what is likely happening at the lakes.

The cool-down effect of storms can also help.

This week we are resuming our stocking of rainbows into Lynx, Fain and Goldwater lakes near Prescott, so it might be a good time to make that Prescott fishing connection.

According to my old friend Wayne Gustaveson with the Utah Division of Wildlife, the fishing in the San Juan and Escalante arms of Lake Powell is "off the charts."

Sounds like a decent topwater bite for stripers at Havasu is underway -- and should just keep getting better as we flip through the calendar pages of September. The recreational boating hordes have likely left, so you shouldn't see congestion on the water.

Be sure to put Monday, Oct. 1 on your fishing calendar. That is the opening of the seasonal catch-and-release fishery at Silver Creek in the White Mountains on our Silver Creek Hatchery property just outside Show Low (not far from the airport). You can even watch as many of the fish -- rainbows and Apache trout -- are stocked that opening day. There will be some nice 3-plus-pounders to catch.

This has really become a mini-event for anglers. Also once again this year, the Wounded Warriors from Ft. Huachuca will be there. It will be my first day of retirement, but I'll try to make it as well.

Speaking of Wounded Warriors, the White Mountain Fly Fishing Club, Troops First and the Wounded Warriors Foundation will host five former Iraq and Afghanistan wounded warriors from around the U.S. on a guided fly-fishing trip to the San Juan River in New Mexico during October.

The Fly Fishing Club is seeking tax deductible donations to offset the expenses of this wonderful healing experience for the troops.

To assist in the funding for this trip, Torreon Country Club is hosting a special event fundraiser on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 5 p.m.

To make a reservation for the event, donate a raffle item, or make a cash donation to these worthwhile endeavors, contact Michael Smith at (602) 316-0948 or Barry Curseaden at (623) 398-5242 or email The WMFFC website address is:

Being a Viet Nam vet myself, it's especially gratifying to see these types of activities to support our troops.

Good luck and good fishing, maybe I'll see you out there.   back...
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