The WON Bass Arizona Division is starting a new high school tournament series with a tournament on Saturday at Roosevelt Lake out of the Cholla Launch Ramp.

This new series offers an alternative to other high school programs. The WON Bass Arizona tournaments allow anglers (students ages 14-20) and coaches (anyone age 14 or older) to fish as a team, no solo fishing allowed.

Interested high school anglers can enter online at or Saturday morning before 5:30 a.m., or call Tracy Purtee at (928) 978-3659.

Each team must have at least one student age 14-20. The WON Bass Arizona high school tournaments give high school anglers the chance to experience the sport of competitive bass fishing. The entry fee is a very reasonable $100 per team and all of the popular options are included.

The goal of the WON Bass Arizona high school tournament series is to offer as many students as possible the opportunity to fish, and to keep it affordable. The high school tournaments are held in conjunction with the WON Bass Arizona Avid Angler tournaments, so the high school anglers feel like they're fishing in a much larger event which generates lots more excitement!   back...
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