APACHE LAKE - Lake elevation is 1,907 feet (93 percent full). No recent reports. Apache is typically a good fall producer.

BARTLETT LAKE Lake elevation has been holding at 1,758 feet, 50 percent full. Should be good topwater action for bass off-and-on throughout the day night now. Try working the main lake points, islands and reefs, but don't ignore the deeper coves, especially in the morning. Sometimes you can find bass feeding on large schools of shad in the coves.

This is the tail end of the prime flathead catfish season, but there are anglers who fish Bartlett all winter long for these huge voracious fish. Try live bluegill or small carp as bait. Look for the deeper holes, especially uplake where there is a little current.

For bluegills, try the backs of rocky coves using night crawlers or meal worms on light tackle. Also look for large rafts of bluegill, especially up in the narrows. When you find them, small spinners, crappie jigs and worms can get you lots of fish to fry.

CANYON LAKE - Lake elevation is still holding at around 1,658 feet, which is 96 percent full. No recent angler reports.

While Canyon is the land of the lunkers, it can be tough to fish, especially for novice anglers. Catch rates are typically low and even veteran anglers get skunked here. But the possibility of catching a hawg keeps many anglers coming back time and again. This is a pretty good lake for bluegill and yellow bass. Try small crappie-like lures, such as 2-inch curly tails, along the rocky shoreline. Shore fishing for channel catfish and carp can also be viable both day and night right now. As the season progresses, the better fishing for bottom dwellers will transition to the nighttime hours.

LAKE PLEASANT- Lake level 1,647, 50 percent full with approximately 6,747 surface acres.

Mike McFarland, a fishing guide with Hook Up Outfitters, said the topwater action has now spread lake wide and you might find bass chasing shad just about anywhere in the lake, especially at first and last light, then periodically throughout the day.

Try using topwater lures, swim baits, Alabama rigs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits or jerkbaits.

Nighttime fishing for catfish, especially from shore, should be good using stink abit. This is prime catfish time. Try stink baits such as chicken liver. Corn can also work for both catfish and carp. Frozen anchovies fished on the bottom are another good choice -- you might even catch a striped bass.

ROOSEVELT LAKE - Lake elevation is 2,100 feet and the lake level is 47 percent.

Fishing has been sporadic lately. Expect to find some topwater action, especially at first and last light, but be prepared to fish a little deeper off the points if there are not active fish at the top of the water column.

This is still a good time to try for channel catfish using sink bait. For flatheads, live bait such as bluegills or small carp work best. For channel catfish, try any stinkbait. Although you can catch channels during the day, the prime bite has likely shifted to the nighttime hours.

Still not hearing much on the crappie front.

SAGUARO LAKE - Lake elevation is 1,524 feet at 92 percent full. This is a fishing hot spot, especially for yellow bass. Mike McFarland, a guide with Hook Up Outfitters, said it's possible to catch up to 100 yellow bass in a day ranging up to 2 pounds using gold KastMasters or Lake Fork flutter-down spoons. He said you can also catch largemouth bass on the bottom using those same lures -- if you can get them past all the yellows.

This is also a hot spot for good sized largemouth bass -- Mike caught 10 bass over 4 pounds in a single day. He said the bite really takes off when Salt River Project is doing a pump back (releasing water and then pumping it back for hydroelectric power), which creates a current. At those times, there is a tremendous topwater bite.

He also suggests working the edges of the grass in 10 feet of water using drop shots for bucketmouths.

TEMPE TOWN LAKE Fishing has really picked up lately, especially for largemouth bass. The best bite at first and last light for bass and sunfish. This is a good time to try for channel catfish and carp using corn or dough baits after dark. Keep in mind that although this fishery in in the city, it is not part of the Urban Fishing Program, so you will need the regular state fishing license to fish here.   back...
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