APACHE LAKE Lake elevation is 1,907 feet (92 percent full). A few reports indicate that bass are a good bet.

BARTLETT LAKE Lake elevation is 1,780 feet (75 percent full). Gary Senft, a bass pro at Bass Pro Shops, had this report from a recent outing: The water level had risen about 40 feet in the last month. He said he recently fished the lake, beginning at the lower end of the lake around the dam, straight across from the main boat launch.

Senft and the anglers on his boat began throwing shallow-diving crank baits (Norman and KVD Square Bill). They began fishing in shallow waters for largemouth bass, figuring the fish would be coming to spawn as in other area lakes. The bite was on in 2-3 feet of water, and a few were caught on the KVD.

Senft wanted to see if the bass were biting spinner baits as well, so they began throwing white spinnerbaits with two silver willow leaves and a white skirt (representing a shad). Senft said the bass began biting on the spinners immediately. The anglers stuck to this fishing patterns and Senft reported boating 23 largemouth bass.

Considering a lack of visibility in the muddy waters, Senft switched again to chatter baits. He said the vibration-producing lure caught a few more fish.

As the sun began to rise, the winds began to blow some 30 mph, so Senft moved to the middle portion of the lake, finding protection from a mountain. They began throwing Texas rigs and drop shots. The primary bite came off bottom that had a mix of sand and rock, and particularly from small rock indentations where a couple fish were boated. This bite was in 3-10 feet of water and the party fished from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Senft estimated the group boated a total of 36 largemouth bass.

Primary colors of the Roboworms were morning sawn, ox blood and warmouth. They also threw some Gary Yamamoto spider jigs on half-ounce weights.

CANYON LAKE Lake elevation is 1,658 feet (97 percent full). See Johns report above. Angler reported a great bass bite on Sunday morning around 9 a.m. on bass to 8.3 pounds. Another anglers report (Michael S, also above) indicated visible, shoreline bass to 4 pounds finally bit around 4:30 p.m
Paul J. recently fished the main lake at Canyon Lake from 5-10:30 p.m.: Caught six largemouth , all in 5-10 feet of water all on a Texas rig. The largest was three pounds. Pretty light bite, but they were feeding. My buddy was catfishing near the bridge and didn't get a bite. Lake level dropped about two feet in five hours.

LAKE PLEASANT - Lake level is at 1,678 feet, 74 percent full, with approximately 8,160 surface acres. Dave King, archery manager at the north Phoenix Sportsmans Warehouse, reported that bass are on beds in all the northern coves with many still hanging a little deeper ready to move up. Try drop shot rigs or spinner baits for pre-spawners just off the spawning flats in 15-20 feet of water. They've been finicky on color so experiment. Work the baits slow. Crappie are moving up to spawn as well. Tammy W. (see above report) reported fishing on March 21 and got only one bite. Carp were spawning in the northern coves, she said.

ROOSEVELT LAKE - Lake elevation is 2,107 feet, 52 percent full). The largemouth bass bite reportedly has been trumping that of the crappie. Try spinner baits, charred rabbits and crank baits in a shad pattern. Also, flipping Zoom Brush Hogs on a Texas rig (bullet weight with a 2/0 hook) into small shoreline bushed in 3-5 feet of water reportedly has been an effective method once the sun comes up. The crappie bite does not seem to be good, yet. ... Steve B. (report above) reported tough crappie fishing from March 21-24, fishing in all depth with all presentations covering the Salt River from Grapevine to the tules fishing small minnow-tipped curly tails, plastic worms, spinnerbaits. Water was muddy, he said. Brayden K. caught a nice mess of crappie on Roosevelt Lake last Thursday from his float tube: The bite was a little slow but fishing with jigs tipped with minnows seemed to do the job. We were fishing in 6-10 feet of water. The females were full of eggs so the spawn looks like it is just getting started.

SAGUARO LAKE Lake elevation is 1,526 feet (95 percent full): Another report from Dave King: Lots of bass being caught off beds. When bed fishing use jigs or soft plastics in lighter colors so you can see your bait. Remember that the bass on beds aren't feeding, they're moving the "intruder" off their nest so once they pick up your bait set the hook. This lake has been getting tons of pressure. So if bed fishing, admire your catch but consider a quick release. These fish are being caught over and over and the stress is starting to take its toll - especially on the large females. Big bass lay thousands of eggs so we want them to survive and spawn.   back...
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