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Rain and winds that reportedly gusted to 60 mph in some areas of the state sent dust rolling, water rippling and fish, presumably, hunkering down. A brief setback in the bite last week.

Still not enough to hinder some ideal spring fishing this week.

As air temperatures in some areas are forecasted to reach 90 degrees this weekend, fishing options continue to unfold, and snow that accumulated in the higher elevations during the recent storms should begin to melt away.

All the Mogollon Rim and White Mountain Lakes are ice free, but access is blocked to Woods Canyon Lake and Bear Canyon Lake. Yet anglers can drown hooks in the following suggested White Mountains fisheries (click on the lake for details and directions) that are being stocked from Monday until Friday, April 12, with rainbow trout: Rainbow Lake, Scott Reservoir, Show Low Lake and Woodland Lake. Last week, Black Canyon Lake and Willow Springs Lake also had been stocked with rainbows. Somewhere, Judy Garland sings ...

Bass are spawning in ideal bass fisheries Roosevelt Lake and Bartlett Lake, and the majority of bass reportedly are in pre-spawn mode at Alamo Lake. At Roosevelt and Alamo, flipping and pitching is suggested around submerged trees. Also, some of the professional anglers who spoke at Tuesday's fishing seminars at the Mesa Bass Pro Shops said some particularly big bass have been reported out of Apache Lake. Apparently a surplus of largemouths around 3.5 pounds.

Finally, for another heavy spawn wave, look forward to the April 25 full moon.

Now from bass to catfish: At all Phoenix and Tucson Urban lakes, the second catfish stocking of the season took place. For tons of information on the Urban Fishing Program that brings the fish to you, visit www.azgfd.gov/h_f/urban_fishing.shtml. Fish outside your doorstep.

For stripers, try Lake Powell. Wayne Gustavson said these pound-for-pound scrappers are cruising along the canyon walls in the southern lake and, three weeks ago, had spilled into the main channel.

But back to Alamo for a second. On April 7, Arizona Game and Fish Department Wildlife Manager Stewart Kohnke and fisheries program personnel conducted a spring electrofishing survey at Alamo Lake.

The survey showed, among many things, that in the previous year, there has been an upward spike in the population and size of largemouth bass. Our catch rate of 29.7 catch per unit effort was the highest weve recorded since instituting this standardized survey protocol. The bass ranged in size from 3.5 inches to 21.3 inches, with an average length of 21.9 inches. The average weight was 1.2 pounds.

Also, the fish were in better condition in relation to their mean relative weight since 2005. Some good news and great work from the Game and Fish personnel.

Need a fishing license? Licenses can be purchased at any of the 320 license dealers, Game and Fish offices, or online at www.azgfd.gov/eservices/licenses.shtml.

To fish state waters, resident anglers age 14 and over must purchase a Class A general fishing license for $23.50. If you want to fish for trout, a resident trout stamp is $15.75. To fish Urban Fishing Program waters, a Class U urban license is required ($18.50 for residents or nonresidents, no trout stamp required for urban waters). Or, you can buy the Class L super conservation license, which includes a general Class A license, an urban Class U license, and a trout stamp (cost is $53 for residents, $63 for nonresidents.   back...
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