LAKE PLEASANT – (1,662 feet, 59-percent full): Striper fishing is good. Angler Barry W. reported: Fished lake pleasant earlier this week -- 2 hours before sunset and 2 hours after. While the sun is up the weather is in the low 70s, and it couldn’t be better. We caught about 20 striper before sunset using plastic swim baits (smoking shad color) ¼-ounce jig head. A silver ½-ounce Kastmaster has also been very successful. The fish are a lot shallower now ranging from 4- 25 feet close to shore.

I would recommend any of the northern coves. Once the sun goes down you will need to layer up since the temperature drops quickly. Don’t forget the gloves and hat! Anchovies on a dropshot is still the preferred method but it’s critical to chum at the beginning to hold the school beneath you. The fish are suspended at about 20-30 feet and fishing near the dam has been average.

We never caught any striper over the size of 2 pounds, but these were the perfect size for the freezer. The action is not awesome compared to the summer months, but it’s still good.

Derrick Franks of the Striper Snatcher previously reported, “Fishing is red hot right now as Waddell Dam continues to pump water into the lake. The afternoon south wind is really making the northern part of lake very active, as it pushes the algae bloom into the northern coves. Largemouth bass, striped bass and white bass are chasing the shad that are venturing out of the tree cover. Migratory birds are a good visual cue when looking for baitfish. With the water temp being at 70 degrees, the fish have risen up the water column and can be caught off of reaction baits. My bait of choice is my custom soft plastic swimbait made by Cactus Wren Outdoors with a ¼- or ½-ounce jighead, depending on wind and water depth.”

Rick from the north Phoenix Sportsman’s Warehouse previously said top-water action has been hot in the mornings until around 8 a.m. in and around Coles Bay, the rock cliffs and the back part of the stick-ups. He said long casts have been critical in getting bites (except when using a dropshot rig.)

Largemouth bass are hitting spinnerbaits, dropshots and jerkbaits. He said to make sure the blades on the spinnerbait are small in order to match the shad the bass are eating.

Matching the hatch can be particularly crucial. Use small baits, such as a small swim bait on a ¼-ounce jighead.   back...
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