Dec. 22 report from Warren Risberg:

Hello, anglers: Happy Holidays!

As a full time guide exclusively at Lake Pleasant I have fished December alone every other day, just about averaging 14 days thus far for this month. I can tell you from experience you do not need anything fancy to catch striped bass, channel cats, carp, flatheads and white bass other than frozen cut anchovies!

Keep your rigs simple with a hook and a split shot about 18 inches from the hook and 9-10-pound fluorocarbon fishing line. Castle Creek is consistent with current water temps at 57.5 today (Dec. 22) and dropping. Boaters pick spots in Castle Creek and anchor and work different depths, and all you shore fishermen walk as far north into Castle Creek as you’re willing to go and use one bait on the bottom and on another, use a slip bobber and set the bait off the bottom. Maximize your chances!

Fishing today in Castle Creek if you were willing to layer up was fantastic as I alone caught a good handful of nice striped bass the 4-5-pound range.   back...
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