I applaud Governor Brewers cautionary approach in deciding Arizonas future and involvement with creating a state-based exchange. By postponing her declaration to the federal government, she will have more time to confer with leaders across this nation rejecting the pressures of Washington. Nineteen states have already determined it is not in their best interest financially or in principle, and seven more states are strongly considering it.

Clarity in the guidelines on critical elements of the exchange is necessary in order to make an informed decision. They are simply not here today.

I have a multitude of concerns about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including----

Will Arizona be dictated all of the terms and conditions of the PPACA?

When the states and federal government disagree, who makes the decision?

What are the true costs of an exchange?

How do you set up an exchange when no rules have been adopted?

Why should we place the special interests spending millions to lobby for an exchange ahead of the needs of Arizona families and businesses?

Democratic proponents have argued reform was needed to reduce costs and provide better access to care. I dont disagree. The problem is that Obamacare has provided neither. The tight control of coverage options at set rates does not lead to flexibility in the insurance market. The tax to plans and businesses to pay for the PPACA deters any progress toward accessibility to care. Choices will decrease once the Obama Administration understands that it has fallen short in fully financing this system. They will make adjustments that will most certainly raise prices on all Americans.

The extension of the deadline for states to issue a letter of intent is now set for December 14. Declaration letters are to be accompanied with a blueprint plan of how state-based exchanges will operate. I am very grateful that our Governor is taking her time and weighing the consequences. We have far greater expertise and innovative thinking in Arizona than in Washington. We must reform health care while protecting free market and patient-centered principles. I know we can create solutions that will meet the health care needs for our citizens.   back...
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