HB 2425 Ushers in Better Accountability, More Rigorous Standards

PHOENIX Governor Jan Brewer today signed into law HB 2425 critical education legislation that enables the State Board of Education to replace the AIMS test with an improved performance assessment aligned with the Arizona Common Core Standards.

I am proud to sign HB 2425 today, as Arizona can accept nothing less than the best classrooms possible for our students, said Governor Brewer. Our children must be able to compete on a global stage. The era of low expectations and minimum-competency is over. If we insist upon high academic goals and standards, I know our children will rise to these expectations. With this legislation, we will ensure that Arizona students are measured against the most rigorous standards holding schools accountable and providing parents a better yardstick for how their children stack up against competing students nationally and around the world.

From as early as 2005, Arizona has been directly involved in the extensive, state-led process that culminated in the Common Core Standards. These standards focus the expectations for Arizonas students on the skills and abilities necessary for them to succeed in college and the workplace. Without the statutory changes made possible by HB 2425, Arizonas students would be taught according to the new Arizona Common Core Standards but assessed with old and non-aligned standards through the existing AIMS test.

The signing of HB 2425 will allow the Arizona State Board of Education to replace AIMS with a more rigorous, online assessment that measures critical thinking and problem-solving abilities rather than simply rote memorization.

Arizonas Common Core Standards are an important part of improving education in Arizona, said Governor Brewer. However, Arizona leaders should never back down from our right to revise, adjust or adopt new standards according to what is best for Arizona students. I remain committed to local control and parental choice, and the signing of this legislation furthers both principles. I thank Representative Goodale for her leadership in sponsoring this critical education legislation.   back...
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