On Friday, President Donald J. Trump hosted an event to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month and Hispanic American leaders on the State Floor of the White House. More than 200 Hispanic business, community, and faith leaders from across the country gathered at the White House to hear remarks from President Trump, Secretary Alex Acosta of the Department of Labor, and Treasurer Jovita Carranza from the Department of Treasury.

Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual observance held from September 15th through October 15th. The month begins on September 15th, commemorating the independence days of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica followed by Mexico on September 16th. Hispanic Heritage Month invites all Americans to honor the contributions that Hispanic Americans have made to the United States and the Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enhanced our Nation.

The event began when Jennifer Korn, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the Office of Public Liaison, welcomed Julissa Arce Rivera to the stage to sing two songs, one of which was dedicated to the people of Puerto Rico as they recover from Hurricane Maria.

Shortly after, President Trump appeared on stage with First Lady Melania Trump, Treasurer Carranza, and Secretary Acosta. He began his remarks with an update on the relief efforts in Puerto Rico. “We’re martialing every federal resource at our disposal,” said the President. “We will not rest until the job is done.” He also mentioned the tremendous recovery efforts being made in the devastated Virgin Islands stating that “they’re rebuilding and the spirit is incredible.” The unified efforts of federal and local governments continue to propel hurricane relief efforts forward.

The President also spoke briefly about his recent trip to Las Vegas when he met with brave first responders as well as injured concert-goers in the hospital. In the face of darkness, the President reassured those present that “no evil on this Earth is more powerful than the love and courage of the American people.”

President Trump discussed the histories, cultures, and many contributions of Hispanic-Americans to our Nation. He recognized their profound and positive influence on the country through their hard work and service. “Our amazing Hispanic American communities embody our great American values of faith, and family, and security, and hard work, and freedom,” the President said. He also highlighted the contributions of more than a quarter of a million Hispanic Americans serving in the military, “those who defend our Nation and who defend our way of life.”

“We are all Americans and bound together by this country and this flag,” said the President. “Each of you represents a vital part of the fabric of this Nation.”   back...
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