Tucson, AZ - On 15 June 2015, 100 state and federal geologists kick off the 107th Annual Meeting of the Association of American State Geologists at Flagstaff’s High Country Conference Center. Representatives from state geological surveys across the country and a variety of federal earth science agencies, professional associations, and industry meet for 5 days to discuss geologic issues and policies of local, regional and national significance.

Speakers include prominent scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey, State Geological Surveys, and the American Geosciences Institute (a federation of geoscientific and professional associations representing more than 250,000 geoscientists).

Dr. Suzette Kimball, Acting Director, US Geological Survey, is a keynote speaker at the opening session.

Breakout sessions on Monday and Wednesday focus on topical issues of regional and national importance: natural hazards – catastrophic ground collapse, induced seismicity, and coastal and offshore issues – all of which have featured prominently in news stories over the past several years. Another hot topic is groundwater monitoring – a matter of great significance to the drought-stricken Southwestern U.S. The meeting will also address education and outreach, preserving historic geologic data, and mineral assessment.

As part of the conference, attendees will visit the San Francisco volcanic field, Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest National Park.   back...
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