Have you ever dreamed of teaching English in Japan? Phoenix Sister Cities is seeking college graduates who would like to live and work abroad in Phoenixs sister of Himeji, Japan, during the 2013-14 school year.

The assistant language teachers will work as assistants to Japanese instructors, teaching English at the junior high school level. Certified teachers and recent college graduates with limited previous teaching experience and no certification are eligible to apply. College transcripts and a copy of degree or proof of graduation dates are required at the time of the interview.

Applicants must be a college graduate, resident of Maricopa Country and fluent in English.

Familiarity with Japanese culture and ability to speak Japanese are not required but would make it easier to live in Japan. In addition, candidates must be in good health, with the ability to ride a bicycle that would help mobility for daily living. Enrollment in the National Health Insurance program also is required and will be available at a reasonable rate.

I had always wanted to live abroad and learn about other cultures, and I knew that a program sponsored by the city of Phoenix was one I could trust, said Michelle Santillan, second year assistant language teacher in Himeji. I live in a community that has welcomed me with open arms and made me feel part of it even if we cant fully communicate with each other.

Employment will be from Sept. 1, 2013 to Aug. 31, 2014, with an option to renew for one additional year at the request of the Himeji City Board of Education. Airfare to and from Japan and local transportation within Himeji will be paid by the Himeji City Board of Education.

Wages for the assistant language teacher position range from 300,000 to 340,000 yen per month, (approximately $2,600 to $2,900 U.S.), depending on experience and certification status.

The contract also provides a new, city-owned Western-style apartment for 11,700 yen per month for a single-family size apartment and 23,400 yen per month for a double size. The deadline to apply is Friday, Feb. 8. For more information about the Teach Abroad Program, visit phoenixsistercities.org or call 602-534-3751. Follow us on twitter @phxsistercities   back...
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