Hohokam cultural tradition dates between A.D. 500 and 1450. Living along the banks of the Gila River, these people built an impressive system of canals and farmed thousands of acres of land. In the past 15 years archaeologists have learned more about the operation of these canals and the social and ecological implications of them. Dr. Craig will present some of the latest findings in a program on Sunday Nov. 12 at 2:00pm at the Pinal County Historical Museum in Florence at 715 S. Main Street.

With a BA in history from Harvard, and a MA and PhD in anthropology from the University of Arizona, Dr. Craig has directed large-scale excavations at the Grewe site, the ancestral village associated with the Casa Grande Ruins. He is president of the non-profit Friends of Casa Grande Ruins and editor of the Journal of Arizona Archaeology.

In business, Dr. Craig is a Principal Investigator with Northland Research, an environmental consulting firm. According to an interview in the June 2008 Phoenix Business Journal, Craig believes that regulations, incentives and community awareness are necessary for successful and sustainable change. He and his firm try to find a balance between preservation and the inevitable growth of developments near precious historic sites.

Be sure not to miss this relevant and interesting program. For more information, please contact the museum at (520) 868-4382.   back...
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