Having family and guests gather in the kitchen sounds like a great time and it will be if you observe these cooking safety techniques recommended by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration:

· Plan and organize your holiday cooking well ahead of arriving guests; take time to cook.

· Keep uncooked meats, such as raw turkey, away from the fresh foods youll be serving and prevent cross contamination by using separate cutting boards, plates and serving utensils

· If your kitchen helpers arent trained for the task, teach them the safe way to chop, slice, peel and grate.

· Dont use electrical cooking appliances with frayed cords or equipment that is defective.

· Use oven mitts when handling pots, pot handles and utensils in pots that are hot; use long insulated gloves for deep ovens.

· When checking hot foods on stoves or in microwave ovens, carefully lift the cover on the container, allowing steam to escape away from your arms and face before lifting completely.

· Avoid overcrowding your stove top.

· Immediately clean up spills to avoid slips and falls.

· Wear nonslip, waterproof footwear to minimize slip hazard.

· Watch for little ones in the kitchen, as small fingers can get burned.

For those home cooks who intend to deep-fat fry a turkey, follow these tips from the United States Department of Agricultures website, FoodSafety.gov:

· Use the correct oil, amount and temperature for deep-fat frying.

· Position the fryer on a flat, well-ventilated outdoor area where the floor is dry and is away from plants and guest traffic, especially little ones.

· Use a thermometer to monitor the oil temperature constantly while turkey is frying.

· Never walk away and leave hot oil unattended.

· Heat the fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit; before lowering the turkey into the fryer, turn the burner off.

· Gradually and repeatedly lower, and then raise, the turkey slowly until it is immersed in the fryer to avoid the oil bubbling over; turn the burner back on and raise oil temperature to 350 degrees.

· When turkey is done (allow 3-5 minutes per pound), turn off the burner and slowly raise turkey, letting the oil drain into the fryer. Use a thermometer to check internal temperature of the bird, which should be 165 degrees Fahrenheit when placed in innermost part of the thigh and the thickest part of the breast.

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