You have until November 30, 2012 to apply for one of the most unique Fellowships in the federal Judiciary. The Supreme Court Fellows Program offers the opportunity not only to learn about the issues facing the Judiciarybut to contribute to the work of the Supreme Court, Federal Judicial Center, Administrative Office of the United States Courts and United States Sentencing Commission.

Fellows are drawn from diverse professions and academic backgrounds and work on assignments and projects that reflect the needs of the Judiciary and the interests and capabilities of the Fellows. Candidates must have at least one post-graduate degree, two or more years of professional experience with a record of high performance, and multi-disciplinary training and experience, including familiarity with the judicial process. Applications submitted by November 30, 2012, will be considered for a one-year fellowship beginning Fall 2013.

"I encourage you to consider the opportunities presented by the Supreme Court Fellows Program and the contributions you might make to the federal Judiciary, said Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. Our need for motivated individuals who want to make a difference is as important today as it was when Chief Justice Warren Burger began the program in 1973."   back...
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