TUCSON, Ariz. – A Tucson man transporting four illegal aliens in a Ford Fusion fled from Willcox Border Patrol agents Thursday morning who were attempting to conduct an immigration inspection on Highway 80 near Tombstone.

When agents tried to stop the vehicle at approximately 7 a.m., the vehicle sped away toward Tombstone High School but stopped after crashing through a gate in front of the school. Five men bailed out of the vehicle in an attempt to escape on foot.

Helicopter flight crews from Air and Marine Operations and Cochise County Air responded to assist agents on the ground and soon all five suspects were apprehended.

PHOENIX — Firefighters plan to resume burnout operations related to the Bears Fire beginning on Sunday, August 19. Burning temporarily was suspended August 9 due to rainfall from monsoons.

If proper conditions continue, firefighters will burn an additional 1,800 acres of Ponderosa Pine and brush in the Mistake Peak and Picture fire scars and conclude burnout operations on Friday, August 24. To date, burnout operations have removed understory fuels from approximately 6,500 acres of pine.

2018 goal: Have 200 officers ready to administer Naloxone

PHOENIX – While working at ports of entry to ensure that commercial vehicles have the proper permits and can operate safely on state highways, Arizona Department of Transportation officers have to be ready for situations in which they’re called upon to help save a life.

That’s why nearly 100 officers, part of ADOT’s Enforcement and Compliance Division, have been trained so far to identify opioid overdoses and administer a drug to reverse the effects.

PHOENIX — Commissioner Boyd Dunn hosted a workshop to address his proposed policy changes to gas-related master meters within Arizona. Commission staff and several stakeholders, including Southwest Gas, UNS Energy, and the Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona, made presentations, as well as several members of the public who made comments during the proceeding.

“My hope is to approve a final policy that efficiently and economically reduces the risk these master meters pose to our state,” said Commissioner Boyd Dunn.

Natural gas and propane master meter systems are common throughout Arizona, with over 1,000 such systems in operation currently. Master meters are defined as a gas system being fed by a single meter that services two or more buildings. They are run by the owners of the property on which they exist, making these property owners gas operators, bringing with it the burden of complying with state and federal regulations.

At Resolution Copper, we’re investing in our community, our state and our nation to create value for generations to come. The following is an update on how the project is progressing.

• Shaft Rehabilitation and Deepening. We are continuing to restore the historic No. 9 shaft, originally constructed in 1971. The project involves rehabilitating the existing 4,800 feet deep shaft, then extending it to approximately 7,000 feet below surface, and linking it with the No. 10 shaft. Connecting the two shafts will provide a second independent means of egress from underground along with improved infrastructure and ventilation. This four-year effort is creating economic opportunities for the region and the state. We are committed to local economic participation, so the No. 9 shaft project prioritizes local hiring, local workforce development and local procurement whenever feasible options are available.

Solid red lights mean "right way" traffic should not enter freeway

I-17 Ramp Meters Wrong-Way System Red Lights

Phoenix-area drivers are used to seeing freeway entrance-ramp meters with alternating green and red traffic lights during weekday rush hours. But some of the red lights in Interstate 17 ramp meters also play a role as part of the pilot wrong-way vehicle detection system being tested by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

When a wrong-way vehicle is detected by the thermal camera-based technology now in place along 15 miles of I-17 in Phoenix, the system also turns on the red lights in nearby entrance ramp meters to try to hold “right-way” traffic from entering the freeway.

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