PHOENIX – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Hassayampa Field Office invites the public’s comments on a proposed Recreation & Public Purposes Act (R&PP) lease of a 1,046-acre parcel in the Vulture Mountains area to the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department (MCPRD), for potential recreation development.

“The BLM manages public lands for the benefit of current and future generations as we pursue our multiple-use mission. This potential R&PP lease is an example of how partners can come together along with the community to formulate ideas that may potentially enhance the landscape,” said BLM Phoenix District Manager Leon Thomas.

A public open house-style meeting will be held July 13, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Wickenburg Community Center located at 160 N. Valentine St., in Wickenburg.

During this open house-style meeting, staff from the BLM, MCPRD, and MCDOT will be available, along with maps of the proposed facilities for review. The BLM will “kick-off” the open house with a presentation at 6:15 p.m.

The 30-day public scoping period is from June 30 until July 29, 2017.

Stakeholders are encouraged to submit their comments for the record through the BLM online land use planning tool, ePlanning, at the following Internet address: Written comments may be mailed to Realty Specialist Tyler Lindsey at the Hassayampa Field Office, 21605 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85027, faxed to (623) 580-5580, or emailed to

In order for the BLM to process the lease request, the BLM will need to complete an environmental assessment (EA). The upcoming EA will consider public comments received during this scoping period in the analysis of the direct, indirect and cumulative effects from the lease of approximately 1,046 acres of public lands to MCPRD.

Under the proposal, MCPRD would develop a variety of recreational facilities at the site, including a visitor’s center, picnic tables and shelters, archery range, equestrian facilities, nature playground, restrooms with showers, camp grounds and interpretive kiosks. The R&PP Act allows for State, local governments and nonprofit organizations to apply for the leasing of public lands for the construction and maintenance of facilities such as schools, fire stations, and for parks.

The BLM will analyze this plan and its considerations in accordance with the agency’s approved land use plan, Wickenburg Travel Management Plan, and BLM’s multiple-use mission which supports conservation while managing working landscapes and connects the American people to their natural and cultural heritage through experiences on their public lands.

If you have questions, please contact Tyler Lindsey at (623) 580-5500 or

Before including any personal identifying information in any comments, be aware that this information may be made publicly available at any time.

Persons who use a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) may call the Federal Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 1-800-877-8339 to leave a message or question with the above individual.   back...

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