MAINSTAGE 2018 SEASON Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story
January 26 – February 11, 2018

Oh Boy!

Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story tells the true story of Buddy’s meteoric rise to fame, from the moment in 1957 when ‘That’ll Be the Day’ hit the airwaves until his tragic death less than two years later on “the day the music died”. The show features over 20 of Buddy Holly’s greatest hits including ‘That’ll Be The Day’, ‘Peggy Sue’, ‘Everyday’, ‘Oh Boy’, ‘Not Fade Away’, ‘Rave On’ and ‘Raining In My Heart’, plus Ritchie Valens’ ‘La Bamba’ and The Big Bopper’s ‘Chantilly Lace’.

The incredible legacy of the young man with glasses, whose musical career spanned an all-too-brief period during the golden days of rock & roll, continues to live on in Buddy.

By Alan Janes, and featuring the music of Buddy Holly.
Produced through special arrangement with Buddy Worldwide Limited.

March 9 - 25, 2018

Neil Simon at his silliest!!

Leon Tolchinsky arrives in the village of Kulyenchikov (located somewhere in Ukraine) in order to educate the town doctor's daughter. Leon promptly falls in love at first sight with the beautiful Sophia. However, it turns out that Kulyenchikov is under a curse. The town has been cursed with stupidity for centuries. The curse also makes it impossible for Sophia and the other villagers to leave the town or grasp the concept of love. The only way to break the curse is for Leon to either educate Sophia or for her to marry another man; Count Gregor Yousekevitch. Unfortunately, Leon only has 24 hours before he too, falls victim to the curse.

By Neil Simon

Produced through special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

We Will Rock You
April 20 –May 6, 2018

The Music of Queen!!!

Resistance is growing. Underneath the gleaming cities, down in the lower depths live the Bohemians. Rebels who believe that there was once a Golden Age when the kids formed their own bands and wrote their own songs. They call that time, The Rhapsody. Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see. Legend persists that somewhere on iPlanet instruments still exist. Somewhere, the mighty axe of a great and hairy guitar god lies buried deep in rock. The Bohemians need a hero to find this axe and draw it from stone. Is the one who calls himself Galileo that man? He’s just a poor boy. From a poor family.

By Ben Elton with the music of the rock group Queen.

Produced through special arrangement with Theatrical Rights Worldwide

Performances held Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at *7:30 (please note new start time for all Mainstage and Mainstage Too evening performances) and Sundays at 2PM.
All productions held at Fountain Hills Theater, 11445 N. Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, Az 85268.
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