Chompie’s of Scottsdale to have sports, music, and other memorabilia on display throughout May

Scottsdale, Arizona – Chompie’s Restaurants will be hosting a month-long silent auction on behalf of their premiere charity, The Singletons.

The auction features over a dozen items that speak to Chompie’s New York roots and their love of Arizona, including:

Famous 9/11 photograph signed by the photographer.

A football helmet signed by Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver.

A signed picture of Odell Beckham’s famous one-handed catch, New York Giants Wide Receiver.

A laser engraved display of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis.

Wendy Borenstein-Tucker, Chompie’s Executive Vice President, said, “Chompie’s is proud to give back to the community by partnering with The Singletons. We stand in awe of their unique mission to provide relief to single-parent families with a member battling cancer. It is a privilege to help them provide these heroic fighters and their families with the things they need to stay focused and win their fight. The Singletons services include help paying the bills, shopping for necessities, food preparation, family activities, and access to a vast network of empathetic cancer survivors and confidantes that provide support and reassurance.

100% of proceeds from the silent auction will be given to The Singletons.   back...

Arizona Free Press

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