“The deep commercial, security, and people-to-people relationships between our two countries are rooted in mutual interest and respect, as well as our shared commitment to combatting terrorism and fostering the conditions for prosperity.” – Secretary Michael R. Pompeo, July 23, 2018


Egypt is one of the United States’ longest-standing strategic partners in the Middle East.

Egypt plays a vital role in regional security and stability through its counterterrorism efforts, support for the UN-facilitated political process in Libya, efforts to counter the Iranian regime’s malicious activities, and the maintenance of the Egypt-Israel Treaty of Peace, which will see its 40th anniversary this March.

SECRETARY POMPEO: We’ve got a good trip, a lengthy trip, to the Middle East. I’ve been to the Middle East probably as much as any Secretary of State in the beginning of their tour. I went there in my previous role quite a bit as well. They’re an important set of relationships, especially for this administration as we continue to build out the coalition that’s pushing back against the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, Iran.

So that’ll be a significant piece of what I do, but it’s also the case that I haven’t had a chance, although I talk to them on the phone with some frequency, to see them for a number of weeks and to come back and make sure everybody’s clear about the fact that the United States is still committed to all the missions that we signed up for with them over the past two years. The counter-ISIS campaign continues, the effort – the counter-Iran campaign absolutely continues, and our commitment to support Middle East stability is still full throttle.

Defendants Were Members of the APT 10 Hacking Group Who Acted in Association with the Tianjin State Security Bureau and Engaged in Global Computer Intrusions for More Than a Decade, Continuing into 2018, Including Thefts from Managed Service Providers and

The unsealing of an indictment charging Zhu Hua (朱华), aka Afwar, aka CVNX, aka Alayos, aka Godkiller; and Zhang Shilong (张士龙), aka Baobeilong, aka Zhang Jianguo, aka Atreexp, both nationals of the People’s Republic of China (China), with conspiracy to commit computer intrusions, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft.

IAV GmbH (IAV), a German company that engineers and designs automotive systems, has agreed to plead guilty to one criminal felony count and pay a $35 million criminal fine as a result of the company’s role in a long-running scheme for Volkswagen AG (VW) to sell diesel vehicles in the United States by using a defeat device to cheat on U.S. vehicle emissions tests required by federal law.

Dr. Christopher Ashley Ford
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation
7th European Union Nonproliferation and Disarmament Conference
Brussels, Belgium

Good day, everyone, and thank you for the chance to share the U.S perspective on the challenges and opportunities that confront us in the nonproliferation arena.

A year ago at this European Union conference, I had the honor of speaking on behalf of the new U.S. Administration to outline our emerging approaches to nonproliferation, arms control, and disarmament policy — summarizing critical continuities and highlighting constructive innovations that we were then getting underway in our first year. This year, having moved from the National Security Council staff to the State Department, I’m pleased to be able to outline our policy and priorities in the nonproliferation business.

The United States welcomes the decision by the Government of Belgium to purchase thirty-four new F-35 fighter aircraft. Belgium is now poised to fly the F-35 alongside its closest NATO Allies and longtime partners. The United States is proud of our enduring air partnership with Belgium, a country whose air power has contributed to the Defeat ISIS campaign in Iraq and Syria, and NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission. With Belgium’s commitment to the F-35 program, its five-star aerospace industry will continue to expand as it supports this 5th generation aircraft, which was jointly developed with European partners. Belgium’s participation in the F-16 program has been a cornerstone of our modern transatlantic defense partnership. We look forward to continuing this partnership for many decades to come with the F-35 program.   more...
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