Recently, while watching an old late-night movie, one of the characters made the comment, All we have to face our future with is the experience of our past.

We have entered and fought wars (and conflicts) to help those who have been oppressed and unable to truly experience freedom. Many of us stand divided today over the war in Iraq, perhaps with waning memories of the horror of terrorist acts. The experiences of our past should embed in our memories the consequences of not facing a future wrought with terrorist intent on destroying America and all she represents to us.

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, I truly hope we all remember why we celebrate this particular holiday. There are those who have fought and given their lives in the past and those who still fight today so that we may enjoy all of the freedom afforded to us, here in this great country of ours.

While youre out there soaking up the sun, barbecuing with friends and family, take a moment to reflect and relish all that we truly do have to appreciate each and every day. Speaking of soaking up the sun, Roosevelt Lake is gearing up for a nice long holiday weekend. This 21,000+ acre lake is the place to be if youre seeking relaxation and refreshing cool waters. Its 119 miles of shoreline offer plenty of room for fishing, boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, and just plain lounging around this weekend.

Visitors will be happy to hear that, according to ADOT, There will be no work on the US 60 Pinto Valley Project from Friday, May 22 through Monday, May 25. Work will resume at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 26.

I would like to take this time to extend condolences to Roosevelt postmaster Linda Warichak on the recent loss of her father. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

In my last column, I commented on Mine That Bird, this years Kentucky Derby winner. After watching the Preakness this past Saturday, Im absolutely convinced this horse has incredible heart. Although he placed second (to a filly nonetheless), many believe, myself included, that if this race had been 20 yards longer, Mine That Bird would have won this race as well. The track was relatively dry (even though it had just started to sprinkle), and despite being ridden by a different jockey and being boxed in when he finally made his move, Mine That Bird again came-from-behind to nearly win again. I havent heard whether his owner plans to run him in the Belmont (in approximately 3 weeks), but Id be willing to bet, he has a darn good chance of winning that race. Although he wont be able to claim the Triple Crown, fairy tales do indeed still come true for an owner and trainer who believed in a relatively unknown colt.

As I put this issue to bed, I hope all of you find your own fairy tale this year. Until then . . . take care and . . .

Dance like theres nobody watching. Love like youll never get hurt. Sing like theres nobody listening. Live like its heaven on earth.

Karon Schneider, publisher/editor   back...