Game and Fish to check hunters in Kaibab National Forest

KINGMAN, Arizona –– In an effort to enforce and study compliance with Arizona’s wildlife laws, Arizona Game and Fish Department personnel will be working a wildlife roadblock the opening weekend of the antlerless elk hunt.

Every hunter leaving the area of the roadblock will be subject to having any wildlife taken inspected.

The timing of the roadblock is at the end of the opening weekend of the cow elk hunt in the Kaibab National Forest. Officers will be checking for compliance with wildlife regulations.

“We’ll be checking for evidence of legality, a current hunting license, the proper tag, and that the tags are properly affixed to the animal,” said Karin Perkins, law enforcement program manager for the Game and Fish Region 3 office in Kingman. “Those not in compliance will be cited.”

Such roadblocks are not new.

“This particular action will provide the department the opportunity to study overall compliance with state laws,” Perkins said. “This is not a new practice and many hunters have passed through such areas in the past.”

Perkins said that hunters in compliance will pass through the roadblocks quickly.

“It’s a simple and quick inspection,” she said. “Of course if there are violations involved, the stops will take longer.”   back...
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